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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Philippines aid scandal: Food flown in from Britain ends up in shops hundreds of miles from typhoon

Supplies have turned up on shelves of shops in the capital Manila Equipment bought with UK donations have been locked up in warehouses Rice and other food is being stockpiled and not given to needy Charities express concern that not all donations are reaching disaster zone Crucial aid sent from Britain to help the victims of typhoon-ravaged areas of the Philippines is being siphoned off and sold for profit by corrupt local officials.

Emergency supplies delivered by military helicopters have turned up on the shelves of shops in affluent districts of the capital Manila – hundreds of miles from the disaster zone.

And shelter equipment purchased using British donations has been locked up in government warehouses and stockpiled alongside rice and other food intended for victims of last month’s catastrophe, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

A television news report shows much-needed supplies on sale in affluent parts of the capital Manila

Filipinos rush to get relief goods during a helicopter aid drop. Evidence that much-needed supplies are being stockpiled rather than being distributed to those in need
Last night, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) – an umbrella group representing 14 UK charities – expressed concern about evidence that suggests not all the £60million of aid given by Britain is reaching those most in need.

By Simon Parry
22:14 07 Dec 2013, updated

Source : DailyMail