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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to remove shortcut virus from PC & Pendrive

Have you ever faced problem with automatic creation of shortcut folders, or files with Name Autorun.inf, $RECYCLE.BIN created on your Pendrive or computer!!!. If yes than your computer is infected.

These viruses create shortcut folder names with same name as of orignal folder with same icons as that of orignal folder, and if you follow these shortcuts or folder you end up with infecting your computer.

I have personally seen this problem with many computers having orignal Antivirus software installed in them. perhaps some of Antivirus Softwares are also not able to remove it completely.

If your computer’s infected with shortcut virus and you don’t want to hassle with it, then download the application (link given at bottom of Article) and follow the steps:

Step 1: Open the Application
Step 2: Select the Pen Drive or Computer Which You Want to Scan

Step 3:Select the Drive and press Scan

Step 4: Then Press Delete Option

Step 5: Done All Virus Removed
Download Click here