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Friday, December 6, 2013

#RICOVERED Rico Blanco - Wrecking Ball

Filipino rock icon and former Rivermaya lead singer Rico Blanco uploaded his version of Miley Cyrus original “Wrecking Ball.” Playing as a one-man band, Rico used a number of instruments to recreate the song; among them was a guitar, xylophone, and a mug.

The video starts with three text-based frames, in which the singer explains his reason for covering the song:

“Once in a while, I receive requests to record cover versions of other artists’ songs. Though I think it would be fun, I rarely get to do it as i [sic] usually prefer recording my new compositions.
Two weeks ago, in exchange for twitter [sic] followers’ donations of any form or amount to typhoon Haiyan relief efforts, I promised to finally record a song or two from among their requests of even the most unusual songs fo [sic] me to cover. 
One of the songs requested was Wrecking Ball.”