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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Re-electionist Sen. Loren Legarda, hidden $700K Manhattan condo bared

Re-electionist Sen. Loren Legarda was one of 20 senators who had voted to convict impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona for not declaring his dollar accounts as well as his properties where he failed to state the acquisition cost in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities and net worth (SALn).

However, it appears, from photos and documents obtained by the Tribune yesterday that Legarda herself has not declared her condominium asset in Manhattan, New York City.

This has led Louis “Barok” Biraogo, a declared public interest advocate that Legarda may be as “guilty” as the impeached Chief Justice in not declaring all of her properties in her SALn.

Biraogo stated emphatically that: “I have all the documentary evidence. I have the smoking gun needed to prove that Legarda does not deserve to stay a minute longer as a senator of the land.”

He stressed that “Legarda should be ashamed to even be campaigning on the same stage as President Aquino under his daang-matuwid (straight path) platform.”

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