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Monday, December 1, 2014

Sun Cellular offered to the Filipinos as a Networking Business through Global Circle

Sun Cellular offered to the Filipinos as a Networking Business through Global Circle. The Objective is to convert the load consumption from an expense to becoming an income. As of today there are more than 103 Million Mobile subscribers nationwide and the figure is expected to grow to 117M by the year 2016.

It is indeed a very good step done by Sun Cellular to increase it subscribers dramatically. As of the year 2016, Sun Cellular has more than 16.1M active subscribers.

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Global Circle Company Profile
Global Circle Network Inc. is a privately owned marketing company and airtime product distributor based in Manila, Philippines.

Partnered with Smart Communications, the leading telecommunication company in the country, in offering airtime products such as Smart, TNT, Red mobile, and Sun, Global Circle facilitates in bills payment and online purchasing solutions.

With the company’s finest system and first- rate technology, Global Circle increases market development and build strong relationship between consumers, suppliers and providers.

Global Circle make possible for different sectors of society- retailers, suppliers, service providers and the likes to build connections and establish advantageous business opportunities with each other.

With the continuing innovations and advancements in the field of business, Global Circle thrive to presentservices that will best suit the needs of its partners.

Our company’s vision of establishing strong bond between business entities and the people through our top-notched services act as our guide as we deal with every facet of business.

Our company’s mission of providing unrivalled services and unequaled relationship with our partners serves as our standard of creating decisions and making actions.