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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LET Exam Results (Secondary), In Alphabetical List of Passers (August 2014)

The PRC announced that a total of a total of 25,301 elementary teachers out of 70,786 examinees (35.74%) and 26,767 secondary teachers out of 77,803 examinees (34.40%) successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (L.E.T.) given last August 17, 2014.

Here’s the Complete List of Passers in Alphabetical Order for Secondary Level:








During the previous announcement of the PRC Regional Office in Baguio, the LET Results will be release online on August 15-19, 2014 but due to some circumstances, the PRC was not able to release the exam results of August 2014 Licensure Examination for Teachers.

The PRC also made an update that the LET Exam Results for both the Elementary and the Secondary Level will be release in the third week of October, or in a total of 30-45 working days after the last day of examination including the holidays and the onslaught of several weather disturbances that hit the country in the past few months.

The LET Exam Results was not also release during the third week of October 2014, instead the PRC announced that they will be upgrading their IT System on October 26, 2014. We are expecting that the results of the examination will be release within this week or until the first week of November 2014.

The August 2014 LET Exam was conducted by the PRC and Board of Professional Teachers last August 17, 2014 in designated testing centers nationwide, such as in the cities of Manila and all PRC Regional Offices nationwide including one international testing center located in Hong Kong, China.

The PRC main office in Metro Manila did not announced the total number of examinees taking the October 2014 LET Exam for both the Elementary and the Secondary Level, only the PRC Regional Office in Baguio City announced that there were 13,991 examinees who took the LET Exam on their regional office.

According to PRC, in order to pass the August 2014 LET, aspiring teachers and examinee must obtain an average rating of not less than 75% and must have no rating lower than 50% in any of the test.

Based upon the previous results of the LET Exam Results for Secondary Level, last January 2014, the PRC announced that a total of more than 12,000 examinees passed the examination out of more than 42,000 examinees in the Professional Teachers Board Examination.