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Friday, December 27, 2013

Trailers of some of Kenichi’s Ebina solo performance pieces.

Check out the great performance of Kenichi Ebina Amazing videos, kenichi ebina was a good performer artist! is a performance artist of Japanese origin who is best known for winning the eighth season of America's Got Talent on September 18, 2013.

His solo act, labeled 'dance-ish' by Ebina, features his unique self-taught style which combines acting, storytelling, and a number of different dance styles, including freestyle, hip-hop, mime, martial arts, jazz, and ethnic dance. He frequently interacts with characters on a video screen behind him, who have all been created and played by himself.

A Tribute to Someone Special
This is a tribute to Michael Jackson in Kenichi's way . Not much and good impersonation, but with more entertaining presentation.

A day of Robot Matrix. Mixture of many performing material like dance, mime, magic tricks. Fun to watch for all age.

Enigmatic Species
An unidentified animal was discovered in a deep forest. A kind of contemporary dance with yoga-type movements.

Worst Ballerina on Moon
An alien on moon tries to dance “Swan Lake”, but... Black light effect, illusion, ballet-taste dance and some HipHop dance.

Eclipse ~ NINJA ~
An story of assassination toward an evil Lord in ancient Japan with "Stereotype" Japanese charactors; Ninja, Geisha and Kabuki / Noh.

Expressing Roman Goddess of Hearth of fire. A taste of Middle East, Europe and India. A kind of contemporaty dance with lighting illusion.