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Sunday, November 10, 2013

How the Digestive System Works, What happens to your food as it travels through your body until it exits?

This video was very helpful, I did not know that When I swallow something and it goes down that the epiglottis is there to keep it from going to the lungs. I understand now why they say “It went down the wrong pipe.” because it really does. amazing.

Watch the video below

I also learned that when it hits the stomach that it breaks down by using the hydrocloric acid and then my stomach functions as a mixer to further break down the food, then on to the the small intistine with the aid of the pancrease and liver helping to seperate the good from the bad keeping the good by sending it through out my body giving me nutrients to live and stay healthy and the bad sent on to the large intistine absorbing salt and water working it’s way through as it works it’s way out. very informative.