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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Senator Chiz Escudero & Wife Tintin Files for Annulment

MANILA, Philippines - Yes, it’s true: Sen. Chiz Escudero is filing for the annulment of his marriage to Tintin with whom he has been estranged for more than two years. The couple has twin kids.

Chiz opts to keep mum on the matter, but somebody close to him confirmed that Chiz did make the decision after weighing the pros and cons. “They have reached the point of no return,” said the Funfare informer.

It was Tintin who left the conjugal home in December 2010, by herself, leaving Chiz to care for the children. Since it has been Chiz’s policy never to talk about his personal life, which has been the subject of rumors, the next best source of information is people close to him, one of them the Funfare informer who also confirmed the couple break-up in a Funfare scoop last year.

Source: Ricky Lo| Philippines Star