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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Filipino NGO Offers Medical Aid to Distressed OFWs

A Philippine community organization is rendering medical assistance inside makeshift tents for the OFW women and children camped outside the consulate amid rising daytime temperatures.

Balo-i-Muslim, the Filipino relief organization in Jeddah, conducted relief works in collaboration with the United Bangsaranao Council (UBC) led by Salic Abbas for Filipinos stranded near the Philippine Consulate.

Jaffar Makil and Mecco Benito are leading the medical team, while Amida Macalimbon, Normina Dimakuta, Sobaida Sandigan, Mariam Dimacangun, Jasmen Andong Mahmoud and Adabelle Dagupan are helping them carry out the aid work. Members of the team examined, treated and provided medical aid for ill and distressed OFWs.

Salic Abbas and Ali Ditucalan requested Saudi authorities to grant amnesty to the stranded workers and allow them to leave on humanitarian grounds.

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