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Monday, November 19, 2012

Avilon Zoo Entrance Fee For 2012, Videos

AVILON ZOO is currently the largest zoological institution in the Philippines in terms of developed land area. The 7.5-hectare facility houses the most diverse collection of wildlife in the Philippines with more than 3,000 live specimens representing more than 500 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fishes and invertebrates.

AVILON ZOO also has the widest collection of Philippine native and endemic fauna, most of which have been bred successfully in captivity through AVILON WCF’s ex situ conservation programs.

AVILON ZOO is also home to a diverse collection of plants, of which more than 50% are Philippine indigenous. AVILON ZOO aims to be one of Southeast Asia’s premiere wildlife facilities.

At AVILON ZOO, guided tours and educational fieldtrips offer guests the opportunity to learn about wildlife, their status in the wild and the conservation efforts being done to preserve and protect threatened species and the environment.

Aside from the fascinating animals, pleasant exhibits and fun facts to learn, guests are encouraged to experience feeding animals like bears, big cats, arapaimas, exotic water fowls, giant tortoises, wild horses and deer and also interact with the zoo’s friendly creatures.

View Here the ARK Avilon Zoo Entrance Fee For 2012
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Daily: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Regular Entrance Fee: PhP400.00 per person
Children below the counter: PhP300.00 per child
Infants 12 months and below: FREE
Senior Citizens and PWDs: 20% Discount

Contact Details:

Map going to Avilon Zoo and Ark Avilon

How to get there By public transpo:
If you’ll be coming from Quaipo you can ride jeep or fx bound to Fairview. Then get off at litex, from litex ride jeep with signboard montalban Rizal. Get off at Robinson’s Rizal from there ride tricycle (Fare is around P70) going to Avilon Zoo.