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Saturday, November 1, 2014


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This piece was supposed to be a little different, but recent developments concerning the Gilas Pilipinas basketball program have conspired, rather serendipitously I might add, to steer this final part of the #GilasIssues series to a slightly different direction.

Right now, Gilas Pilipinas, the team that has captured our collective imagination for the past several years is all but a blank slate. Gilas 1.0 finished top four in the 2011 FIBA Asia. Gilas 2.0 qualified for the FIBA World Cup. How about Gilas 3.0?

PBA IMAGE - Nuki Sabio

#GilasIssues: Part 4 – REBOOTING PHILIPPINE BASKETBALL http://bit.ly/1wnfgHU