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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Join TSU Social Network and Earn Money

Well it might be time to stop feeling guilty, because there's about to be a way to make money from social media.

Thought I would let you all know about a good opportunity to make money off of your music/online content. Tsu has just been launched a few days ago. What is tsu? It's very similar to facebook but the key difference is they share 90% of their ad revenue with it's users.

So if you are posting your music, sharing your youtube videos, etc. you would earn money for views on your content instead of letting someone else make money off you. Pretty cool, and it's basically the first site of it's kind. You can sign up or check it out for yourself here: https://www.tsu.co/JoinNowItsFree . Hope this helps some people out to earn a few bucks.

EVERYONE IS FREE TO REGISTER. Visit: https://www.tsu.co/JoinNowItsFree

"Tsu" - a new social network which will work in a similar way to existing social media such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter - promises to redirect profits BACK to the users. That's you.

Facebook earns its megabucks by charging advertisers to show adverts to its users.

But Tsu thinks that some of the profits in this business model should go back to the people who are actually generating the money - that, once again, is you.

The new social network vows that 90% of its revenue will go back to users, so every time you write an update, share a photo, or visit a friend's profile, you could be earning some cash for yourself.

So that dream of sitting on your computer all day and making bank could be closer than you think... or could it?

How much could I ACTUALLY expect to earn?
Well it's quite easy to work that out.

The press pack released by Tsu shows some pretty optimistic figures for how much a user could expect to earn, with a figure of $23.3 per day.

That's not enough to buy that house in the south of France just yet, but it's still enough to pay for lunch and dinner every day.

It's worth pointing out that the above profile for John Smith doesn't actually exist on Tsu
But the big point here is that a new social network is coming along and wants to challenge Facebook, and it wants to empower its users.

So if, in the best possible scenario, Tsu did eventually have the same success as Facebook in terms of recruiting new members (Facebook has over a billion users), you can use Facebook's revenue per user to work out how much Tsu users could make.

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