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Sunday, November 3, 2013

SWA is an online marketing using facebook with innovative payplan

SWA is an online marketing using facebook with innovative payplan. Our product is a supreme wealth library wherein you will have a lifetime access for a 1 time payment. library includes 2100+ ebooks and many more digital products. meaning hindi concrete and tangible ang products, all digital, all downloadable. With thousands of updates to come...

You are not required to sell your products, its better if you will use it for your business. Mas malaki kase ang kita kung ishhare mo ung business program.

1. Ung babayaran mong 55$ or 2,500pesos that is for your purchase of the supreme wealth library. Then dahil nag purchase ka, free membership na para gawin mo ung business

2. Ishshare mo lng din sa mga friends mo ang business, ganon din they will just purchase the products amounting to 2,500pesos

3. Kada direct referral mo, may 20$ ka. pero ung 2nd, 3rd at 7th direct referral mo, wala kng 20$ kse mapa passup siya sa referral mo. bale sa 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th at 8th onwards don ka may 20$ each.

4. Wag k magalala na napunta sa referrer mo ung 2nd, 3rd at 7th direct referral mo. kse lahat ng 2nd, 3rd at 7th direct referrals ng 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th at 8th onwards mo, sayo mapupunta ung 20$. Yan ung payplan 2: 3up pass up system

5. Then pag nkaanim kn sa ilalim mo whether sayo galing lahat un or spillover na ng taong nasa ibabaw mo or ng kagroup mo. another 70$

6. Ang tawag don is cycle. so naka cycle kn basta may 6 persons ka sa ilalim mo. at dahil naka cycle ka, magkakaron k ule ng new matrix para un nmn ang need mo mlagyan ng tao from you or from your group to earn another 70$

7. Pero after having 7 direct referrals, automatic ung 70$ will become 90$ na forever.
For those who are interested to Earn Money Online using Facebook and Internet on their spare time, anywhere you are without going out

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