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Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 Batang Pinoy, PSC schedule, guidelines

Recently, the Philippine Sports Commission or (PSC)! has informed the Batang Pinoy 2013 program in pursuance of Executive order No. 44, also known as the Philippine Youth Games – Batang Pinoy .

We are pleased to inform you  that the PSC is set to conduct the Batang Pinoy 2013 program, in pursuance of Executive order No. 44, also known as the Philippine Youth Games – Batang Pinoy .

In partnership with the Philippine Olympic Committee, the Department of Interior and Local Government, the Department of Education and the respective Local Government Units, this national program encourages children ages 15 and below belonging to different sports associations.

This year, the actual competition schedule is as follows:

Mindanao Qualifying Leg (Tagum City, Davao del Norte)        27 - 31 August 
Visayas Qualiying Leg (Maasin City, Southern Leyte)             24 - 28 September
Luzon Qualifying Leg (Iba, Zambales)                                  15 - 19 October
National Finals (Zamboanga City)                                        19 - 23 November

In this connection, may we invite you to send your delegation to the arena of the country’s best young athletes.  

For details, kindly get in touch with the following staff of the National Events and Competition Office:

            Annie Ruiz                               0939-7627553
            Mylene Concepcion                   0916-3770510
            Charlie Esquivel                       0908-9516632

Thank you and we hope for your continued support to Philippine sports.


1. BATANG PINOY is an open tournament for children 15 years old and below (born in 1998 and the following) based on the Batang Pinoy calendar year.

2. Representation is strictly by Local Government Unit (LGU). This may be in the form of provincial, city, municipality and barangay representation. No athletes shall be accepted without accreditation of a particular LGU.

3. Batang Pinoy is open to all Filipinos whether ny birth or naturalized. Foreign-Pinoy may also join provided he/shea particular LGU.

4. An athlete shall represent only one LGU.

5. No tournament or participation fee shall be collected by the Host LGU and PSC.

 6.The following are proof of eligibility of athletes (a-b) and LGU Entry Form to be submitted by the LGUs;
  • Birth Certificate of athlete (Certified True Copy) – From NSO or the office of the Local Civil Registrar.
  • LGU endorsement from any of the following: Governor, Mayor, Municipal Sports Official or Barangay Chairman
  • LGU ENTRY FORM – it is a delegation Masterlist indicating the names, sports ages of athletes to be certified by the Governor, Mayor, Municipal Sports Official or Barangay Chairman.
The form will be submitted to the Batang Pinoy National Secretariat together with the above proof of eligibility of athletes at:
NECO Office (Batang Pinoy)
Philippine Sports Commission
4th Floor Administration Building
Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Malate, Manila

  • Deadline of submission of entries:
For 1st Leg – Mindanao Leg (Tagum City, Davao del Norte) – Not later than August 15, 2013
For 2nd Leg – Visayas Leg ( Maasin City, S. Leyte) – Not later than September 12, 2013
For 3rd Leg – Luzon Leg (Iba, Zambales) – Not later than October 10, 2013

7. First, Second AND Third placers of the Regional Qualifying Legs (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) shall advance to the Batang Pinoy National Championship.

8. PSC shall provide the Batang Pinoy National Qualifiers a determined amount for meals (₱ 1,500.00) and travel fare (₱1, 500.00). Only the qualified athletes can claim the aforesaid allowances as he/she affix his/her signature in the payroll.

 9. PSC shall also provide similar allowances to (1) coach per sport per LGU of the National Championships Qualified athletes.

10. The LGU may opt to provide allowances to their athlete/s as LGU’s incentive for being a qualifier/s.

11. Host LGU shall provide billeting schools/centers for all the participants inclusive of athletes, coaches, trainers, delegation officials and affiliated/local technical officials.

12. National Championships Qualified athletes in the Athletics and Swimming events may compete in other events (under the same sports) in addition to the events they earned as medalists during the Qualifying leg.

13. As Host for the National Championship, Zamboanga City team is considered seeded to the National Championships, they NEED NOT undergo competing in sports that at are included in the Elimination Legs).

    • As seeded, Zamboanga City Mayor’s Office is privileged to have and endorse (1) team per sport in the National Championships. Other interested athletes or teams of Zamboanga City who are not endorsed by the office of the Mayor may request endorsement from their particular and respective Barangay.
    • Zamboanga City may also send team/s and compete in all NATIONAL FINALS sports if they opt to.
The issued Batang Pinoy ID during the qualifying leg should be brought by the qualified athletes to the National Championship. Lost ID without valid reason (fortuitous events) will not be replaced.

Participants in Batang Pinoy 2012 NEED NOT submit their Birth Certificates

Management Guidelines
Representation: By Province, City, Municipality AND Barangay
  • Host LGU shall provide free billeting for all the participating athletes, coaches, trainers, delegation officials and affiliated/local technical officials
  • Host LGU may opt to offer free shuttle for the participating teams from the port/terminal to the billeting centers to the playing venues.
  • Medal count shall be credited to respective Province, City, Municipality or Barangay
  • To give the opportunity for every Filipino young athletes, the experience to compete in the National level, athletes may join with or without affiliation to any participating Nationla Sports Association (NSA).
Representation: First, Second and Third placers of every event of the regional qualifying rounds shall automatically earn slots in the National Championship.
1. Participation expenses by the LGU shall be on its own account.
2. Technical management shall be handled by POC, NSA, DepEd and local officials
3. Operations, administration and management shall be handled by PSC
4. Playing venues and billeting facilities shall be the responsibility of the Host
5. The DILG and DepEd shall assist the PSC in running the Games. Hence, both agencies will be part of the Working Committee spearheaded by PSC.
6. Medal count shall be credited to respective Province, City, Municipality or Barangay