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Friday, May 31, 2013

Male Filipino who profiled as a "male prostitute" or Mababa ang Lipad, Nakulong sa Dubai

Be careful, mind to think before depositing your profile on Internet, mga kababayang kung OFW do not reproduce it, check it out this article i found in Gulf News.  A salesman, who profiled himself as a male prostitute over the internet and listed his sexual preferences, has lost his legal battle and will spend a year in jail.

The Dubai Appeal Court rejected the appeal lodged by the 30-year-old Filipino salesman, I.Z., and upheld his one year imprisonment.

The defendant was found guilty of profiling himself as a gigolo over the internet and listing his bizarre indecent services and sexual preferences.

Presiding Judge Eisa Al Sharif also confirmed a six-month imprisonment against I.Z.’s partner in crime, a 39-year-old Filipino waiter, E.D., for having consensual sodomy with I.Z.

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