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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Preview of LMT Launcher for Android Makes Multitasking Faster

The Pocketnow released a preview of LMT Launcher for Android Makes Multitasking Faster, They say you can't have your pie and eat it, too... or was that cake? No matter, LMT Launcher is an app that augments your built-in launcher -- it doesn't replace it -- by letting you pull a pie-shaped quick-launch panel from the edges of your screen.

In that pie you'll see the current time, date, some animating status indicators, and one or two rows of icons, depending on how you've set it up. Though I don't show it in the video, you can change the colors and even the spacing and radii how ever you'd like.

Each wedge can be set to launch an app or toggle a setting, and can have a long-press action assigned to it if you want to cram twice as many functions into the same tiny space.

Source : PocketnowVideo