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Friday, February 8, 2013

MTRCB - Pinatawan ng 6-buwang probation on Party Pilipinas over “sexually-charged scenes”

Pinatawan ng anim na buwang probation ang programang "Party Pilipinas" ng GMA Network kasunod ng umano'y malaswang episode nito noong nakalipas na buwan.

“MTRCB orders Party Pilipinas to air public apology over 27 Jan 2013 sexually-charged scenes during this Sunday’s episode”

“MTRCB also directs public apology to be published in a newspaper of general circulation by 09 February 2013″

“MTRCB places Party Pilipinas on PROBATION, subject to per episode review, for SIX (6) MONTHS”

“MTRCB orders responsible officers, director, producer of Party Pilipinas to undergo gender sensitivity training.”

“MTRCB thanks GMA Network management for its candor, maturity, and cooperation in addressing the Party Pilipinas issue.”

“MTRCB also thanks the public for its vigilance over the Party Pilipinas matter.”

“The Party Pilipinas issue was an opportunity for the network and its audience to dialogue through the MTRCB.”

Some people react so strongly against Party Pilipinas Ideas