Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salisi Gang Strikes in a Birthday Party at McDonald's Kabihasnan in Paranaque City

Yesterday, January 27, 2013 4pm my daughter had her Birthday party at McDonald’s Kabihasnan in Paranaque City. Everything looks fine and cozy as the party started. All of the expected visitors have arrived and all gathered inside the party place. The program started with the party games and everybody was too focused to the program, enjoying while watching the children playing.

The emcee called my attention to gather adult contestants to play in front. I secured my bag in the corner of the room near the sliding window placed it in a high chair and went into the crowd to gather contestants for the game. At that time the sliding door was closed.

When the game started and everybody were busy cheering my husband noticed unknown people flocking outside the door and a man whom he doesn’t recognize wearing an orange T-shirt opened the sliding door went inside the party place pretending that he knows someone as he was making a gesture to somebody in front. My husband thought that he was maybe a driver of one of our visitors ignored and then focused on the party program.

After the game, the party coordinator approached me to finalize the food orders and when I went to get my bag it was no longer in the high chair where I placed it. I looked around the party place first thinking I might have misplaced it somewhere else but with no luck the bag is nowhere to be found. Then my husband recalled the people flocking from the door as well as the unidentified person who forced to open the sliding door and entered the party place.

We immediately ask the management of McDonald's to show us the CCTV recording as well as reported it to Precinct 7 Paranaque Police. The police immediately went to the crime scene but McDonald's refused to have the police view and get a copy of the CCTV. The manager said that they are not allowed to release that footage and that only the witness who can identify the suspect can see the recording so my husband went inside the security office and viewed the footages. He was able to get a video of the recording and hand it over to the police station when he filed for a blotter.

We want to share the copy of the video to warn you guys on how this SALISI gang executed the theft inside McDonalds and also help us identify these people so that they hopefully get caught.

This video shows there were 7-8 of them involved. There were lookouts roaming 2 boys and 2 girls wearing white and yellow shirt, there was this 1 couple who pretended as customers even ordered and seated in the dine-in area with helmets which means they are in motorcycle. The man wearing checkered polo was their lookout outside the store; he was also inside the dine-in area but went out ahead of them upon knowing that they have my bag. The lady wearing a black blouse was our suspect, the one who took my bag as she was with the man wearing orange shirt looking from the sliding door entrance of the party place. The man wearing orange was the one who have seen me placing my bag in the corner. The man wearing stripe black and white was the one who inserted my bag inside a white paper bag which they most probably have done inside the men’s room. They all immediately went outside the fast food store swiftly with no trace after confirming that my bag has been taken and placed inside a white paper bag.

Inside my bag were my wallet, pouch and envelopes with an amount of more than 11 thousand pesos.

Source: Melissa Tablate