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Friday, January 11, 2013

Malnourished 62-year old Woman Living on the Sidewalk in Pasig

Malnourished 62-year old woman living on the sidewalk for more than a month already is badly in need of medical attention. Her name is Elemencia Pahinutang. No relatives. Her location is under the footbridge of Life Homes Subdivision, Ortigas Ave. Extn., Rosario, Pasig City. She is in front an Ukay-Ukay store fronting One Oasis Condo Units along Ortigas Ave. Extn. near the floodway bridge in Rosario, Pasig City or near the Lucky Gold mall.

The Pasig DSWD has no health or medical facilities to take care of the patients. Admitted old individuals usually stayed at the stairway of Pasig DSWD the day everyday. Pasig DSWD relied on volunteers to take care the sick and less fortunate persons. Many had already died and Pasig DSWD process the FREE burial as the solution to the ordinary death inside Pasig DSWD.

Please help the old woman before it is too late. She maybe suffering from tuberculosis already and many will acquire the said deadly respiratory disease.

Source: Angel Ledesma Siawingco, Jr.