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Sunday, April 26, 2015

A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal in kathmandu (Photos and Video)

A powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake which hit Nepal yesterday (Saturday's ) has left close to 2,000 people dead reported.The fresh earthquake's epicentre was around 113km (60 miles) north-east of the capital and has triggered fresh avalanches in the Himalayas, where at least 17 climbers died on Saturday.

Footage from Nepal where a huge rescue operation is underway after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck killing hundreds of people

Full report of Nepal's earthquake as people recount their experience in Patna as well as Mount Everest base camp.

Photos Courtesy of REUTERS

Man Rescued From Building in Nepal - Source AP YOUTUBE

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, killing at least 1,180 people and triggering a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest. It was the worst quake to hit Nepal in decades. (April 25)

An earthquake's power increases by 10 times with each increase in the number of its scale. This means Saturday's earthquake — the same magnitude as the one that hit San Francisco in 1906 — was 22 times more powerful than the 7.0 quake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Source - USAToday