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Monday, February 23, 2015

5 Photography Tips to Improve Your dSLR and Phone Photos

Lisa Gade demonstrates 5 principles that will improve your photos— from dSLRs to point and shoots to camera phones. We head outdoors to learn how to make great compositions, capture pets and kids looking their best, get good exposure, create more flattering portraits and capture wildlife without fancy long lenses.

From full frame 35mm equivalent to phones, we use a variety of cameras including the iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia Icon, Canon EOS 6D, Sony a6000, Sony RX10 and an old Canon EOS 50D. This article is for novices--if your dreams are filled with photo ops in Brunei with Leica in hand, you know f/1.2 from f/11 and how to use them and are mastering advanced lighting in your photos, then you likely know these points. Read More at MobileTechReview