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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Starmobile drops prices on select smartphones and tablets, Until September 30, 2014

Just recently, Starmobile announced an “Early Merry Christmas Promo” and they are reducing the prices of some of its smartphones and tablets! Happening from August 20 until September 30, 2014, the promo offers nine different Starmobile devices with freebies at more affordable price points. 

  • Starmobile Muse - From Php12,990 to Php8,990 with free Instacase
  • Starmobile Quest - From Php6,590 to Php5,490 with free Ultrathin Case and Screen Protector
  • Starmobile Diamond D2 - From Php7,990 to Php4,990 with free Eco Bag
  • Starmobile Octa - From Php16,990 to Php13,990 with free 3-in-1 Wireless Charger, Bluetooth Speaker and Handsfree Microphone
  • Starmobile Diamond X1 - From Php13,990 to Php11,990 with free Flip Case
  • Starmobile Diamond D3 - From Php7,990 to Php5,990 with free Eco Bag
  • Starmobile Engage 9i - From Php9,990 to Php8,990 with free Eco Bag
  • Starmobile Engage 7 Lite - From Php3,990 to Php3,290 with free Flip Case
  • Starmobile Engage 7TV+ - From Php4,290 to Php3,290 with free Eco Bag