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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Dubai Police Force and their Fleet of Supercars

Since the collection of supercars held by the Dubai police force is nothing more than a tourist attraction (and maybe a means to shun poor locals…), it very obviously needed a popularization video made about it, so that travelers coming to visit will know what to expect and where to aim their camera.

The cars are (sadly) not used to chase down rogue drifters on the wide highways of the region. Oh no, they’re paraded around shopping center atriums so that people from the far East (and West…) can selfie themselves with them as the background.

Had they been used as actual police cars, like some other countries do, our judgment of them would have been far kinder.

Regardless, many may still find the idea cool and a worthy reason to visit the area. Their Bugatti Veyron really is the world’s fastest police car, even if it has never been and will never be used in an actual high-speed chase – pity.

By Andrei Nedelea