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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pag-asa sa Pag Gising - Side A, Freestyle and South Border For yolanda survivors

On January 3, 2014, Side A, South Border and Freestyle will band together for the very first time ever, to stage a fund raising concert for the benefit of the SURVIVORS of typhoon Yolanda. Many have attempted to produce such a concert but it is only now that they will all be together on the same stage! The Solaire Resort and Casino has generously provided us with their ballroom for this special event.

The title of this back to back to back concert is "PAG ASA SA PAG GISING"...... This is also the title of the song all 3 bands collaborated on to support this cause. The message of the song is to promote HOPE and to uplift their outlook in life as they rebuild and restore their lives.

All band members have waived their talent fees to do this concert and creating the song. Literally and figuratively the bands will be doing this purely for the love.
We are hoping and relying on the big hearts of others so that we can stage this concert without spending a single centavo. Our objective is to turn over all the money we make from ticket sales to the Philippine Red Cross.

May I please request your assistance in spreading the news of this endeavour. We will appreciate whatever special mention, plug or whatever form of promotion you can provide.

In anticipation of your generosity, thank you very much! God bless you, too!

You can visit the official facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PAGASAsaPAGG...