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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walking Barefoot, Essential Element of Good Health

When's the last time you kicked off your shoes and reveled in the feeling of the Earth under your feet?

Been awhile?

It may sound hard to believe, but engaging in this simple pleasure could give your health a much-needed boost.

Often it is the case that engaging in activities that feel good on an intrinsic level really are good for your health -- like the feeling of the afternoon sun warming your bare skin.

Walking barefoot outside, with the soles of your feet free to mesh with the surface of the Earth – an activity known as Earthing, or grounding -- is another such case.

I have been personally intrigued with grounding for nearly seven years and have been seeking to ground myself most of the time.

This is a fascinating leading-edge concept, and I would strongly encourage you to carefully read the featured article for more details.

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