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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mobile World Congress 2013 Wrap-Up: The Best of Barcelona

Check out The Mobile World Congress 2013 was, as promised, a boatload of fun and a bucket of laughs. While we didn't see everything we wanted to, we were treated to an avalanche of smartphones and tablets running everything from Android to Windows Phone to Sailfish to FirefoxOS. We got a gander at some really impressive form factors too, at sizes ranging from the conventional to the fantastic.

If you were off the internet for the duration of last week, or if you simply couldn't deal with the cavalcade of content gushing forth from the tech-news spigot, that's okay. We understand. And we've concocted a concentrated rundown of every device we saw that impressed us -and some that didn't- at MWC 2013. So if you need a quick recap of everything that went down in Barcelona last week -and, really, who doesn't?- you should watch the video above. Then stay tuned for more, in the form of bloopers and a new episode of the Pocketnow Insider, coming soon!