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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sadistang Boyfriend - CCTTV footage from the Dormitory

This video was removed by youtube just right now, it was at 4,777 after it was posted 21 hours ago. All it wanted to do was to warn people about this guy and to make him come out and face the consequences of what he did.

If someone who knew this guy posted something like this before then this wouldn't happen to this girl.

On January 28, 2013, James Emerson Bagolor Kho Jr. waited outside his Ex Gilfriend's dormitory treatening her to get back with him after breaking up a day ago due to physical abuse that started since their Ist month Slapping, Punching and Striking on the head with a cellphone or slamming her head on the wall was what she got from james everytime he didn't like what she did or if she didn't do what he wanted, he always treatened her that he would bash her head with a Brass Knuckle (Which he always brought with him) if ever she tells anyone about the way he treats her.

Guess what? Today was the day he planned to use it. Heres the CCTTV footage from the Dormitory.

Source : Jobe Briones