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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Filipina Maid Avenges Maltreatment On Sponsor’s Kid

Filipina housemaid was arrested recently for hitting the four-year-old daughter of her Kuwaiti sponsor and cutting her hair in Faiha.

According to security sources, the Kuwaiti woman filed a case against her housemaid at Faiha Police Station, informing securitymen that the suspect hit her four-year-old daughter and cut her hair, after which she ran away.

During investigations, securitymen discovered that the suspect regularly visits one of her female friends who work at Faiha Cooperative Society.

By setting a trap, they managed to arrest her. During interrogations, she confirmed the accusations, revealing that she did it out of revenge, as her sponsor mistreated her harshly.

Legal action was taken against the housemaid.

Source: Arab Times Online