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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DOLE Releases TheTop 10 Hot Jobs in Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines - A mixture of high-end jobs and clerical jobs make up the list of top ten hot jobs in Metro Manila, the Department of Labor and Employment said. Based on data in 2011, the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics made available today (February 19, 2013) the top ten jobs that dominated the vacancy list.
As expected, call center agents were at number one, with at least 18,026 average vacancies per quarter. BLES said "demand for call center agents remained robust in 2011 on the back of the country’s global leadership in 'voice contact' business outsourcing."

Number two on the list are sales representatives, with an average 6,913 number of vacancies per quarter. "The need for sales representatives and salespersons cut across industries as their services are vital in improving the marketing of the products and services of enterprises."

BLES classified more than two-fifths of the total job vacancies per quarter to be "high-end jobs" or those comprised mainly of professional workers (19.6%); technicians and associate professionals (16%); and corporate executives, managers, proprietors and supervisors (6.7%). This is based on a total of 75,000 job openings in various types of occupations at the end of each quarter of the year.

Third on the top ten hot jobs in Metro Manila are the computer professionals, with an average vacancy of 5,779 per quarter. BLES said “demand for computer professionals particularly in the areas of programming and system analysis and designs increased, driven by diversification of BPO industries towards higher value chain products and adoption of modern technology in many industries.”

Fourth are the clerks, with 5,533 average vacancies per quarter.

Fifth are shop salespersons, with 3,528 average vacancies per quarter.

Sixth are protective services workers, with 2,565 average vacancies per quarter.

Engineers are on the seventh spot, with 2,140 average vacancies per quarter.

Cashiers and ticket clerks are on the eighth spot, with an average of 1,951 vacancies per quarter.

Accountants and auditors are ninth, with an average of 1,292 vacancies per quarter.

Tenth are the debt collectors, with an average of 1,111 vacancies per quarter.

Source: ABS-CBN News