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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Airphil Express booking woes, double booking Scam

Airphil Express booking woes. Last Wednesday, Feb. 20 at around 9AM I booked online a MLA-KALIBO-MLA flight for the coming Holy Week break to spend time with my children. The total amount would have cost me P11000++ However, when I pressed the "Submit and Pay" button, the website hanged. I checked if it was my internet connection that hanged and upon checking my connection was stable. When I refreshed the button, I was surprised that the P608 promo fare was gone and so I booked again the next affordable rate of P1008+. Again the website hanged. So I contacted 8559000 to confirm if my prior bookings went through.

The person on the other line said "No" and that the promo rates are not anymore available and thus the reason I'm experiencing an error. So I booked over the phone for 4 two-way tickets to Kalibo while asking their representatives if my online bookings went through. What was supposed to cost me P11,000++ has now reached P15000++ excluding a convenience fee of P500 for the over the phone transaction. Again, I asked her if my online bookings went through before I confirmed.

Upon checking my email, I was surprised to receive two emails for two bookings for that Manila-Kalibo-Manila flight: NESRNG (in the amount of P15k++) & FPYXGM (in the amount of P12k+). So I called both my credit card company and airphil express to reverse the latest transaction. With my credit card company, all they need is for Airphil Express to cancel the transaction.

Here is what Tin of Airphil Express online support's response:

We would like to inform you that upon verification of NESRNG and FPYXGM, your bookings are not considered as dupe booking.

Please be advised that the tickets you have purchase is under promo fare which is non refundable and non rebookable. However, you may change the date of your travel but subject for applicable penalties and fare adjustments. Please have your booking cancelled one week before your travel date to avoid forfeiture of the tickets.

We would also like to inform you that we are implementing No Show Policy. Cancellation, rebooking or request for any changes must be done at least 24 hours before the flight. Otherwise, ticket will be forfeited if passenger failed to show up or check-in on time on the day of the flight.

We hope to merit your understanding.



Online Support

My response:
Dear Sir/Madam,

Let me reiterate that the booking for NESRNG was done over the phone upon conferring with your representative if my prior booking online went through. Had I been informed that FPYXGM went through, I would not have booked NESRNG. For why will I book a flight to Kalibo for four persons if I’m at Kalibo by then? Why will I book 8 seats for 4 persons on my return flight home? Please take note that it was your company’s representatives that I spoke to, twice. Please check the time of the bookings. They were less than an hour apart.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Alfredo Balingit

  • Airphil Express: Hi Sir Jun, we do apologize for the inconvenience but matters like this are being handled by our online support team. We will be making another follow-up with them later with regards to your concern. Please be advised that the online support's office hours starts at 8am po.
  • Jun Balingit: I received my third or fourth email from them saying the same thing: that I purchased a non-refundable ticket blah blah blah. Hindi nga mangyayari yun eh kung sinabi ng 8559000 na wala akong ibang booking. Para namang magkaibang kumpanya yung dalawang department na yun. Tapos mababasa mo yung ganyan nangyari na pala dati. Admit it, kung sa ibang bansa at sa ibang airline nangyari ito hindi sila magpapakasira sa ganyan. Customer satisfaction is key. Nagsasayang lang kayo ng kakapromote at kakabantay ng webpage nyo tapos masisira lang ng online support. Nakakatawa dapat ang online support tintatayo para sa proteksyon ng customers na maaaring naapektuhan ng faulty servers. Alam nyo yun alam ng kaibigan nyo yun alam ng pamilya nyo yun apparently online support doesnt.
  • Jun Balingit: and besides pumasok yung booking ko online. Yung sa Reservations ang problema. Why is online support handling my case?