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Monday, December 10, 2012

Incident : Attacked by Jellyfish While at Camayan Beach Resort

As told by Mommy Emily, whose son, Enzo was attacked by jellyfish while at Camayan Beach Resort & Hotel.

  • Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel knows about the presence of jellyfish in their beach but they dont inform their guests about precautionary measures.
  • Their oxygen tank was not ready for the emergency.
  • They did not have a vehicle ready to transport us. As the COO of Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel told me – when you bring your kids to the beach, you know there is a risk. You could imagine how I freaked out with her statement! It was tantamount to saying that I am responsible for the accident of Enzo. More to come on the softskills of their manager and COO.
Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel oxygen tank was not ready. First Aiders had to fill out the little container with water. When asked why it wasnt ready, Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay Freeport, said that water in that container cannot be kept long. I say that they should replace the water once they think it is not "good" anymore.

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel gave one complimentary night for us to recover from our shock... We were expecting that before we check out, the general manager would come and visit us – check on Enzo. Apparently this wasn't part of his schedule. I had to ask the receptionist to inform the GM that we would like to see him. He instead called us and explained that he is in a meeting with their COO and CFO.

To cut the story short, Toni, the GM passed me to their COO, Ruby Co. I spoke to her about the accident and how we were let down by the way they handle it as well as the post-accident. She acknowledged my story with OK. And another cold OK and she went on like this until I stopped talking.

She then said to me "So tell me, what do you still want from us?!" There was no sympathy in her voice. She talked to me like I was part of Camayan Beach Resort's operations – that I was reporting to her metrics!

I was offended, shocked with the way she talked with me. I became very emotional and hysterical. And she kept on talking over me and didn't acknowledge my pain.

I told the COO of Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel that I want (1) that guests be informed about the presence of jellyfish in the beach – this information on how to protect oneself and the first aid intervention. (2) that their first aid be more reliable and responsive.

And yes, I forgot to share with you, after the accident, Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay Freeport did not inform the guests of the presence of a jellyfish in the protected swimming area.

Looking at the pictures makes my heart break. I cannot imagine what friend went through.

If this happens to my kids and then someone asks me "So tell me, what do you still want from us?!", I just might lose it. I probably would have hit her, with a right hook, right on the face!

I will never, ever bring my families and friends to Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel. Please share this so people will know that they should keep away from that place!

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