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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Video: John Paul Encinas Makes Cashier Eat His Money

Looks like we have another Robert Carabuena.

According to reports, Mr. John Paul C. Encinas, who is connected with a certain laundry shop, went to Bugis Singapore Street Foods in Vito Cruz Manila and ordered a Porkchop with rice for P85.

Upon finishing his meal, he left without paying, then after an hour, he came back and requested for a glass of water.

The cashier took the chance to remind him of his unpaid bill and insisted that he should pay.

The man thus ran amock, splashed water on her face, slammed the counter table, pulled her hair and her collar simultaneously downward towards the hard counter, threw a bottled water on her cleavage, and even smudged money on her face.

Full Video of John Paul Encinas Makes Cashier Eat His Money

Source : Everythinginbudget