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Saturday, October 20, 2012

NBA Season 2012-2013 Free TV coverage from ABS-CBN Sports

The NBA Season 2012-2013 will start October 30, 2012 and Filipino fans will be able to see their favorite teams via free TV coverage from ABS-CBN Sports and Basketball TV (Sky Cable Ch. 30).

Below is the complete schedule of NBA Season 2012-2013 TV coverage:

Schedules subject to change.

Source: www.nba.com

ChannelDayDateTimePlaying Teams
Basketball TVWed.10/31/20128:00 AMBoston @ Miami
Basketball TVFri.11/2/20127:00 AMNew York @ Brooklyn
ABS-CBNSat.11/3/20127:30 AMHouston @ Atlanta
ABS-CBNSun.11/4/20128:00 AMPortland @ Houston
ABS-CBNMon.11/5/20121:00 AMPhiladelphia @ New York
Basketball TVFri.11/9/20129:00 AMOklahoma City @ Chicago
ABS-CBNSat.11/10/20128:30 AMPhiladelphia @ Boston
ABS-CBNSun.11/11/20129:00 AMDetroit @ Houston
ABS-CBNMon.11/12/20127:00 AMMiami @ Memphis
Basketball TVFri.11/16/20129:00 AMBoston @ Brooklyn
ABS-CBNSat.11/17/20129:00 AMOklahoma City @ New Orleans
ABS-CBNSun.11/18/20124:30 AMChicago @ L.A. Clippers
ABS-CBNMon.11/19/20121:00 AMIndiana @ New York
ABS-CBNSat.11/24/20128:30 AML.A. Clippers @ Brooklyn
ABS-CBNSun.11/25/20128:00 AMOklahoma City @ Philadelphia
ABS-CBNMon.11/26/20124:00 AMPortland @ Brooklyn
Basketball TVFri.11/30/20129:00 AMSan Antonio @ Miami
ABS-CBNSat.12/1/20129:00 AMUtah @ Oklahoma City
ABS-CBNSun.12/2/20129:00 AMUtah @ Houston
ABS-CBNMon.12/3/20121:00 AMPhoenix @ New York
Basketball TVFri.12/7/20129:00 AMNew York @ Miami
ABS-CBNSat.12/8/20129:30 AMHouston @ San Antonio
ABS-CBNSun.12/9/20128:30 AMNew Orleans @ Miami
ABS-CBNMon.12/10/20128:00 AMIndiana @ Oklahoma City
Basketball TVFri.12/14/20129:00 AML.A. Lakers @ New York
ABS-CBNSat.12/15/20128:00 AMPhiladelphia @ Indiana
ABS-CBNSun.12/16/20129:00 AMBrooklyn @ Chicago
ABS-CBNMon.12/17/20127:00 AML.A. Lakers @ Philadelphia
Basketball TVFri.12/21/20128:00 AMOklahoma City @ Minnesota
ABS-CBNSat.12/22/201211:30 AMSacramento @ L.A. Clippers
ABS-CBNSun.12/23/201211:00 AMPhoenix @ Portland
ABS-CBNMon.12/24/20124:00 AMPhiladelphia @ Brooklyn
Basketball TVFri.12/28/201211:30 AMBoston @ L.A. Clippers
ABS-CBNSat.12/29/201211:30 AMPortland @ L.A. Lakers
ABS-CBNSun.12/30/20129:30 AMMiami @ Milwaukee
ABS-CBNMon.12/31/20128:30 AMSan Antonio @ Dallas
Basketball TVFri.1/4/201310:00 AMMinnesota @ Denver
ABS-CBNSat.1/5/20138:30 AMChicago @ Miami
ABS-CBNSun.1/6/20138:30 AMHouston @ Cleveland
ABS-CBNMon.1/7/20132:00 AMOklahoma City @ Toronto
Basketball TVFri.1/11/20139:00 AMNew York @ Indiana
ABS-CBNSat.1/12/201310:00 AMCleveland @ Denver
ABS-CBNSun.1/13/20138:30 AMHouston @ Philadelphia
ABS-CBNMon.1/14/20131:00 AMNew Orleans @ New York
Basketball TVFri.1/18/201311:30 AMMiami @ L.A. Lakers
ABS-CBNSat.1/19/20139:30 AMGolden State @ San Antonio
ABS-CBNSun.1/20/20139:00 AMHouston @ Minnesota
ABS-CBNMon.1/21/20132:00 AML.A. Lakers @ Toronto
Basketball TVFri.1/25/20139:00 AMNew York @ Boston
ABS-CBNSat.1/26/201311:30 AMUtah @ L.A. Lakers
ABS-CBNSun.1/27/201311:00 AML.A. Clippers @ Portland
ABS-CBNMon.1/28/20132:00 AMMiami @ Boston
Basketball TVFri.2/1/20139:00 AMMemphis @ Oklahoma City
ABS-CBNSat.2/2/20138:30 AMChicago @ Brooklyn
ABS-CBNSun.2/3/20139:00 AMCharlotte @ Houston
ABS-CBNMon.2/4/20132:00 AML.A. Clippers @ Boston
Basketball TVFri.2/8/20139:00 AML.A. Lakers @ Boston
ABS-CBNSat.2/9/20139:00 AMNew York @ Minnesota
ABS-CBNSun.2/10/20139:30 AMDetroit @ Milwaukee
ABS-CBNMon.2/11/20134:30 AML.A. Lakers @ Miami
Basketball TVFri.2/15/20139:00 AMMiami @ Oklahoma City
Basketball TVFri.2/22/201311:30 AMSan Antonio @ L.A. Clippers
ABS-CBNSat.2/23/201311:30 AMPortland @ L.A. Lakers
ABS-CBNSun.2/24/20138:00 AMHouston @ Washington
ABS-CBNMon.2/25/20132:00 AML.A. Lakers @ Dallas
ABS-CBNMon.2/25/201310:00 AMBoston @ Portland
Basketball TVFri.3/1/20139:00 AMPhiladelphia @ Chicago
ABS-CBNSat.3/2/20138:30 AMMemphis @ Miami
ABS-CBNSun.3/3/20139:00 AMBrooklyn @ Chicago
ABS-CBNMon.3/4/20134:30 AMOklahoma City @ L.A. Clippers
ABS-CBNMon.3/4/20139:00 AMChicago @ Indiana
Basketball TVFri.3/8/20139:00 AMOklahoma City @ New York
ABS-CBNSat.3/9/201311:30 AMToronto @ L.A. Lakers
ABS-CBNSun.3/10/201311:30 AMMilwaukee @ Golden State
ABS-CBNMon.3/11/20131:00 AMBoston @ Oklahoma City
Basketball TVFri.3/15/20138:00 AMDallas @ San Antonio
ABS-CBNSat.3/16/20139:00 AMMemphis @ Denver
ABS-CBNSun.3/17/20138:30 AMCleveland @ San Antonio
ABS-CBNMon.3/18/20133:30 AMNew York @ L.A. Clippers
ABS-CBNMon.3/18/20137:00 AMGolden State @ Houston
Basketball TVFri.3/22/20139:00 AMPhiladelphia @ Denver
ABS-CBNSat.3/23/20138:30 AMBoston @ Dallas
ABS-CBNSun.3/24/201310:30 AMWashington @ Golden State
ABS-CBNMon.3/25/20137:00 AMChicago @ Minnesota
Basketball TVFri.3/29/20138:30 AMIndiana @ Dallas
ABS-CBNSat.3/30/20138:30 AML.A. Clippers @ San Antonio
ABS-CBNSun.3/31/20138:30 AMOklahoma City @ Milwaukee
ABS-CBNMon.4/1/20137:00 AMMiami @ San Antonio
Basketball TVFri.4/5/20139:30 AMSan Antonio @ Oklahoma City
ABS-CBNSat.4/6/20137:30 AMMilwaukee @ New York
ABS-CBNSun.4/7/20138:30 AMAtlanta @ San Antonio
ABS-CBNMon.4/8/20133:30 AML.A. Lakers @ L.A. Clippers
Basketball TVFri.4/12/20138:00 AMNew York @ Chicago
ABS-CBNSat.4/13/201310:30 AMGolden State @ L.A. Lakers
ABS-CBNSun.4/14/20137:00 AMBoston @ Orlando
ABS-CBNMon.4/15/20131:00 AMChicago @ Miami